About us

Ava Griffiths, 40 year old, single mother of two beautiful girls!  A full time Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jamaican born, Brooklyn Bred, Atlanta Living, for NOW!  If you ask me why was Black is Absolute and Black Love is Magic birthed, the response would be simple:  As a Social Worker, having worked in the prison, in an outpatient setting since the attainment of my Masters degree in 2001, until now, and of late, the continued modern day lynching of Blacks, she felt compelled to shift the focus from one of fear and degradation and hopelessness, to one of empowerment and greatness!  I am most worried about the youth and how they see themselves, and identify themselves thru the vision of the media and the world in general.  Where are the positive messages and reminders? They exists, yes, but what better way for them to remember and be reminded their greatness, that for an actual definition of them being ABSOLUTE?  What better way to inspire them to be their better selves, that for them to be a part of a movement, displaying #blackloveismagic?  If you have ideas, please let us know, we are open to hearing and learning more.